Raul 01/02/2017

I just want to say how happy I am to have this amazing cover. It's so soft that baby even uses it has a blanket... super soft and amazing quality. This is a must have

BrittBratt 04/04/2016

Very cute cover, I love the colorful feather pattern. The only way the pattern would be "cuter", I feel, is if the feathers were larger. They are small, but is represented well in the photos. Pic included shows hand next to pattern to show size.

It seems durable, yet soft, lightweight and breathable. No worries that baby would get too hot. If you are looking for a cover to keep baby warm, you may want a different one, but if you were just looking for a cover that would keep baby covered up, away from all the germs floating around and comfortable like I was, it's perfect.

I have a Baby Trend carseat and this fits absolutely fine! There is an opening to be able to get at the handle for easy carrying, and the cover itself is effortless to put on.

The packaging was very cute! It came in a cute paper envelope with "to and from" on it, so perfect for gifting. Also, the cover then came in a very cute, matching drawstring bag for ease of storage when not in use. Can just stick the cover in the drawstring bag and pop it in your diaper bag, purse or car!

Chrispy2 01/04/2016

This is a breast feeding god send! The cover is wide and stretchy enough to fit around my child and myself without feeling restricted or clostrophobic. The shape is wide at the bottom and then funnels to a smaller opening up at the top where you would wear it around your beck. This allows for privacy, and yet you can still very easily peep down to your little one nursing without trouble.

As a carrier cover this is wonderful as well. Fits my Graco Click Connect bucket carrier perfectly and keeps the sun and wind out of my baby's face. Love it!

Only thing I wish is that the print was on both sides so if o was wearing it in between feedings around my neck you wouldn't see white on one side and a pretty print on the other. But that's a personal problem. Overall LOVE this product.

momok 02/03/2016

Supper soft material and stretchy the feather pattern was smaller than what I expected based off the pictures and the design of the cover is a little different than others. Most are like an infinity scarf this one is more tapered at the top so the Handel bar opening is smaller I like that aspect for the car seat but not as productive if you are using for nursing cover. It came in a very cute package so if you are looking for a baby shower gift that is already cute this has it. At the time I purchased it the price was cheaper than the other canopy websites so it was a win