Kyra Moore 10/03/2017

Love love love! The wind in the pan handle of Texas is HORRIBLE, so I ordered one while we were out here and it works amazing!! Little miss can breathe in there just fine and I'm not fighting the wind to hold down the cover anymore! Would recommend this 10x over!!! Super cute design too made it that much better!! ❤️

Ryan 07/03/2017

Beautiful. Soft. Thick yet breathable.

Apatheniac 23/02/2017

I love the material that this car seat cover is made from! It is really soft and it won't cause me any break outs since certain cloth material usually does when it comes in contact with my skin. It fits my car seat perfectly and is the right size.

Kelly Thran 22/02/2017

LOVE THIS! I bought a different/more expensive brand and it was really loose on my car seat and super thin and easily stretched out...decided to give this cute pattern a try and this cover is none of those! It's a great soft/stretchy material, not too thick and not too thin, and the color is bright and perfect! Would definitely recommend!

Caitlin U. 10/02/2017

This goes perfectly in my purse while I'm on the run with my little one. I mostly use it for nursing and it is so incredibly light. My baby is very hot natured and we never get hot under the cover! I also love it for shielding her from the wind in the car seat, or keeping her clean in a high chair.