David M. Upton 30/05/2017

Super soft material. Fits over my car seat wonderfully and is easily used as a nursing cover. I love the matching bag that comes with it, so easy to throw in the diaper bag and not take up too much space.

Katherine Ard 27/04/2017

Wow, I love this car seat cover! It is super soft and stretchy and it fits my Graco snug ride car seat really well. I get TONS of compliments on this. I have also used it as a blanket over my son's lap and as a nursing cover. As a nursing cover, i didn't wrap it around my body, I just looped it around one shoulder and around the baby for warmth and a bit of modesty.

I love the unique and beautiful fabric print of the purple and blue feathers. I think it would be best for a baby girl, but it is still gender neutral enough, that I have been using it for my son.

Chrispy2 01/04/2017

This is a breast feeding god send! The cover is wide and stretchy enough to fit around my child and myself without feeling restricted or clostrophobic. The shape is wide at the bottom and then funnels to a smaller opening up at the top where you would wear it around your beck. This allows for privacy, and yet you can still very easily peep down to your little one nursing without trouble.

As a carrier cover this is wonderful as well. Fits my Graco Click Connect bucket carrier perfectly and keeps the sun and wind out of my baby's face. Love it!

Only thing I wish is that the print was on both sides so if o was wearing it in between feedings around my neck you wouldn't see white on one side and a pretty print on the other. But that's a personal problem. Overall LOVE this product.

Gracious Neeley 30/03/2017

Love it!

S Naser 29/03/2017

Absolutely Beautiful packaging, that is the first thing I noticed! You can really tell that they care about & are proud of their products!
Then when you open the package, you will see the quality is just as nice! The material is so soft! This was for me, but in the future I will know where to purchase gifts for baby shower, or anyone who has a baby will appreciate such a great product! Thank you , I really love this!