Amazon Customer 30/12/2016

soft and stretchy, did the job, perfect for summer! bibs were a plus love it!

NZ. 28/12/2016

We use this on our car seat, and since he's still a newborn, we keep it completely closed around the carrier when in a restaurant. It keeps stranger's hands off of him & it's not too hot. Right now he has it on him for a long car ride to give him shade against the sun, and I have used it as a stretchy nursing cover for my plus size build, though he doesn't enjoy being covered much.

MosesZG 27/12/2016

Solid buy. There are many items similar on amazon with different price points. This one is a relatively low price point + it comes with two bibs. The material feels and looks great. It's breathable and protects the baby from the elements. It came in "Really Cute" packaging, my wife. It has a to and from section Incase you want to give it as a gift. I had recently purchased a similar item, the one Amazon suggest. It had a small hole within a week. The Adrology Cover feels better, has lasted longer, was cheaper AND it came with two bibs.

Jen 18/12/2016

I love this, great buy! The material is stretchy & is super cute. The bibs are adorable & have a snap closure. I would definitely recommend this product!!!

Tasha R. 05/12/2016

Love this!!! I have a car seat cover that Velcro and this is soo much more efficient and it doesn't have the gaps on the side that allow air in.