Our nursing pillow covers are designed to fit 20 x 16 inch nursing pillows including the original Boppy Bare Naked Pillow (sold separately). 

Made from 100% cotton, the Adorology® Nursing Pillow Cover helps you protect your baby’s sensitive skin from harmful substances used in conventional fabrics. And because it is made of cotton, we thoughtfully considered shrinkage so your slipcover should have a snug fit after washing. 
Zips at the back, not at the top, where you have easier access to the bottom parts of the pillow. No more worries about the zipper getting stuck with the pillow. The tag is located on the reverse side so no tag to irritate Mom and Baby’s sensitive skin. 
Make your bonding with your baby as comfortable and enjoyable as it should be as you nurse him/her - keep your nursing pillow covers fresh at all times with Adorology Nursing Pillow Covers.
Packaged elegantly in brown paper, our nursing pillow cover was designed with utmost care for the environment for a smart parent’s choice. 
Also makes a great baby shower gift. 
  • Made from 100% cotton; breathable fabric 
  • Easily zips on and off; zip opening gives easy access to the bottom of the pillow 
  • Machine washable with allowance for shrinkage 
  • Available in 3 colors: pink, gray, blue printed with cute arrow design 
  • Dimensions: 53 x 69 cm.; fits 20 x 16 inch nursing pillows 
Raul 22/12/2017

So I have tried other covers and nothing compares to this one. It’s amazingly soft with a beautiful design. The color is perfect for a boy or a girl so that’s great. And your baby will be comfortable when your breastfeeding or your baby just wants to lay on it.

Lacy 02/12/2017

Love the feather boppy cover! Adorable packing would make for a great baby shower gift, fabric is soft yet thick making the boppy pillow hold its shape. I previous bought another cover off amazon that was more of a jersey knit material which allowed my daughters weight to smash the pillow down causing back pain by constantly leaning over to breast feed her! Had no idea all I needed was a good quality pillow case cover to fix this issue :) will def be buying additional covers

Amazon Customer 14/11/2017

so pretty and soft

Ketha 27/09/2017

Love it!

Elizabeth G. 15/09/2017

I was super excited to get this in! When I got it out of the Amazon box I saw the most adorable package with the cover in it. Still excited. I rip into it and open it up. The feathers are gorgeous on this fabric! Still in love. I throw it in the washer with some dreft (YUM) and dry it in the dryer. I get it out and it's the same color no fading or pilling. Hooray! I go get my Naked Boppy (with its waterproof cover on) and start stuffing it in the gorgeous feather cover. It fits perfectly. There are no tags to get on my nerves. The zipper is perfectly covered and super easy to zip. The fit is snug so it's not going to move but not too tight that it is a struggle to get it in there. Y'all I love this cover. It's beautiful, functional, and is amazingly made. I am normally hard to please but this cover really exceeded my expectations and couldn't be happier!

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Nursing Pillow Slipcover Gray Feathers Design

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