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Thoughts on Having a Natural Delivery

March 5, 2021

Some fears of pregnancy is the pain of natural delivery so other may choose to undergo Cesarean delivery or C-section cause they thought it would painless.

Here are some reasons why i prefer Natural Delivery:

  1. Vaginal delivery coats the baby with beneficial bacteria. These bacteria reduces the risk of immune system disorders of babies.
  2. Sense of accomplishment.If you can bear the pain of delivery, there is nothing you will be afraid of.
  3. Partner’s involvement. The process may not be very appealing for your other half to experience, but he learns to value the outcome even more when he goes through it with you.
  4. Healing is faster. A woman’s body heals much faster from the wounds of pregnancy when they deliver the baby naturally. There will be no visible scars and you can quickly get back to shape afterwards.
  5. The pain is bearable. In the old days, woman would give birth at their own homes without any assistance and they still survive the pain. For us, we do it in the comfort of guidance and help. Also, the pain is nothing that one cannot bear when your ultimate goal is to have a precious gem of your own.

Though I trust that everyone’s opinion varies on the method of giving birth. When you make your decision, weigh all the factors together with your other half. Talk to your OB and stick with what makes you most comfortable. After all, no matter what you choose, it is an experience you will never forget.

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