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At What Age Do Babies Begin To Walk?

March 5, 2021

Bed-sharing is when a baby sleeps with a mother, or another person on the same sleeping surface. It is not recommended, however as a parent, in some unavoidable circumstances we want to sleep beside our babies.

So here are some things we need to know:

1.  Avoid sleeping with a baby under six months old. There is a high risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) for those who co-sleep with their baby of such young age. 

2.  When parents are extremely tired or drunk or under medication. Adults may not be able to respond to the baby and cause harm.

3.  No pets on the same bed. Pets react differently when they sleep, thus it may be dangerous to put your baby near it at this time.

4.  Should not share the same blanket, use separate blankets. This can help avoid suffocation and overheating.

5.  The baby should sleep on either side of the bed, not in between parents

6.  Don’t let your baby sleep on a pillow or put it on either side. The baby may roll off a pillow or be smothered in the folds.

7.  Avoid excessive bedding. Again the problem with overheating.

8.  Never leave your baby alone on the bed. The baby may roll off the bed without you knowing.

Bed-sharing is not recommended but since it is unavoidable at times, you should be aware of the possible dangers and avoid making them.

Hope that you all will sleep safe and have a good night sleep!

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