My Newborn Feeding Plan

March 2, 2021


0-4 months is strictly a drinking period. Newborns depend on mothers’ breast milk for nutrition, though some mothers voluntary use formula instead.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends four to six months of exclusive breastfeeding; they highly promote it as a great boost to the baby’s immunity.

Children whose parents or siblings have allergies may benefit if solid foods are introduced later, especially those known to cause allergies; for example, wheat, milk, and nuts.

Not all mothers manage the four month period. However, working mothers especially find it hard to balance work, rest and parental duties. Producing sufficient breast milk is a hard task. If you are having a full day milk supply, it’s an immeasurable blessing.

Most women struggle to satisfy the baby.

I used to wake up at 3:00 am to pump milk for the following day. I would also create time to breastfeed over lunch every single day until my baby was six months.

Are you struggling to get sufficient milk?

Here are dependable suggestions for having sufficient milk:

– Drink lots of water, preferably warm. Take in at least 2liters per day

– Rest well. Your body will produce more milk when you are relaxed.

– Eat a balanced diet

– Keep latching; breast milk is stimulated. The more you latch, the more the milk produced.

– Take supplements, for example, Fenugreek and dill seeds

What if your milk is still not sufficient?

Is your baby is still crying after feeding? And giving you hunger cues? But you have done all you can to boost your milk production in vain; worry not. Your breast milk may not be sufficient, but this is a good thing because it means your baby is a good feeder. What you need to do is supplement it. Don’t keep the baby hungry.

Here are steps to supplement breast milk with a formula:

– Pump some milk when the baby is asleep

– Preserve it in a feeding bottle

– Dilute a teaspoon of formula in a separate jar

– Pour into the feeding bottle and shake to mix

– Serve to the baby at slightly above room temperature

As a mother, there’s already enough pressure from family, friends, and society at large. You will need to be your own best friend.

After you have done all you can to ensure your baby is feeding well, relax. A good rest, as mentioned earlier, boosts your recovery and milk production.

Try not to push yourself too hard.

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