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How to Effectively Use a Nursing Cover

March 2, 2021

Motherhood is awesome!

You never know how much you took things for granted until motherhood kicks in. Things like wind, dust and nosy strangers probably never bothered you but they become a matter of concern once the baby arrives.

The good news… someone already got you covered!! With a nursing cover; you get your baby protected and in an environment you both enjoy.

Why do mothers love using a Nursing cover?

1.   It’s multi-purpose: – A nursing cover can be used in the house, during travel and even outdoors. It’s not even logical to call it a nursing cover while it’s indeed a multi-purpose cover. You can use it to cover a supermarket shopping cart while you shop. You can use it on the car seat canopy; on the high chair, with the changing pad; on the play mat for tummy time and in addition, it can work as a scarf.

2.   It’s a shield: – your child’s safety is your top priority and having a nursing cover makes that so easy because your child has all-around protection from dust/dirt, from germs, bugs, from rain, wind; from bright lighting and also from nosy strangers.

3.   It promotes decency: – before we discovered the nursing cover, moms used to breastfeed in public while covering the baby with a shawl then the baby would at any time kick the shawl away and you are left with no choice but to continue breastfeeding openly while people are watching. 

The nursing cover sorts all that and allows mom and baby to enjoy privacy while breastfeeding in public. You don’t have to walk away from people every time the baby wants to feed. Find one that covers your back, the front, and the sides so you have nothing to worry about.

4.   It’s economical: – Instead of carrying several shawls, the nursing cover saves you the hustle, the weight, and space in the diaper bag. You can easily use your handbag while taking short walks because you will not need a lot of items to cover the baby.

5.   It’s suitable for different weather conditions: – During cold days, it helps keep the baby warm and in summer, it protects the baby from extreme heat and does not get too hot or stuffy. Due to its soft but breathable fabric, it serves in all weather conditions.

6.   It fits your size: – A nursing cover is made of a stretchy material that creates sufficient room for you and your baby. It allows you to bond with your baby without retaining too much heat.

7.   It lets you peek on your little one: – babies have a habit of popping their little eyes open every time you want to steal a glance. The nursing cover saves you form that. You can steal glances as many times as you want because the nursing cover, unlike a blanket or shawl, stretches without causing the baby any discomfort.

How to use:

  • As a scarf: – a nursing cover is normally round and long, to use it as a scarf simply place it around your neck and drape it a little over the shoulder.
  • For breastfeeding: – wear it while spreading out, place the baby in the front and tuck it a little at the bottom for support. Use your shoulder to stretch it and create enough room for the baby to be comfortable.
  • On a high chair: – your interest here is to cover the top. Cover the tray with one side while the other side covers the back. Stretch it and hook it with the edges to minimize chances of it folding back.
  • On a shopping cart: – covering a shopping cart is almost the same as covering a high chair. The nursing cover will not cover the legs if they are hanging but it will sufficiently cover the top and all the parts where the baby can touch.
  • On a play mat: – stretch the cover to fully cover the floor mat so that the mat is totally hidden. This will only help when the baby is an infant.
  • On a car seat: – cover the car seat with the smaller opening toward the top allowing you to peek at the baby.

How to choose:

Ensure it’s easy to clean: – The nursing cover will need frequent cleaning as it gets into contact with all the dirt the baby would be touching. You need to choose a fabric that is soft and baby friendly and does not stain easily.

Style: Nursing covers come in many designs, multiple colors, and floral patterns; whether plain, striped, flowered… you will certainly get one that meets your taste.

Finally, if you are looking for a baby shower gift, this would be a perfect choice for any mom. It comes in handy whether in the house or outdoors.

I wish you happy shopping as you choose.

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