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Buying Guide for a Suitable Diaper Bag

March 2, 2021

A diaper bag is a lifesaver for every parent. Once you have a little one to take care of, what matters is what makes the baby happy, which eventually makes you a great parent. That’s why we look out for those items that will complement motherhood.

Every parent has priorities. We can’t be all the same and so you should be comfortable considering your sentiments in your choice. If you are not the only user of the diaper bag, for example, your spouse or mom will be using it, it would be nice to shop together with them and where possible consider their suggestions too.

Just so you know…           

There’s a perfect diaper bag for you and your baby out there and you need not get overly concerned. With this basic guideline; you will be able to trace it.

We have several options in the market and sometimes that makes us more confused than spoilt for choice. But, the important thing to note is, a baby diaper bag is mostly for the baby so, the needs of the baby are considered first.

When you have a baby, an infant especially, it’s possible to forget everything you need and carry baggage you don’t need.

So, what’s the solution?

1. Consider Size – I know you are used to a purse. Or probably walking around with your hands in the pocket. This time that will not be possible but the good news is, most diaper bags can be collapsed almost to the size of a purse while not in use. When packed properly, they are hardly as big as they look. Opt for a bag that gives you space while remaining cozy.

2. Color – whether you like dazzling colors or dull colors, what really matters is that you get a diaper bag whose colors can coordinate with your outfits and probably your spouses’. You can get a patterned one but ensure you don’t choose something you will loathe carrying around just because other functions mark off.

3. Space – it’s very easy to get a neat bag with your favorite color only to realize there’s no space for you. Mommy needs space too. You don’t want to have to carry a baby and a diaper bag, and a purse on the side.

Get a bag that fits the needs of your baby and leaves a little space for your keys, your wallet, sunglasses, and other items you may need.

4. Weight – some materials are heavier than others. For example, leather is heavier than canvas. If it’s already heavy while empty, now imagine while it has milk, diapers, baby oil, changing clothes, water, and all those items you will be carrying around.

Get a bag that you can comfortably carry around for say ten minutes, depending on how you operate.

5. Comfort – you can have a cute bag, the right size but it’s not comfortable to carry. Ensure the diaper bag you chose has a shoulder strap that is padded. You are likely to be carrying it frequently and you don’t want to be nursing a painful shoulder every evening.

Also, some bags tend to be bulky when packed, look for a bag that maintains its shape and whose pockets are evenly distributed so that the weight is well balanced.

6. Functionality – as a rule, a diaper bag should have a changing pad. If it doesn’t, you will have to buy it separately and fit it inside in a way that doesn’t consume all your space. It should also have compartments that will help you pack easily and access items conveniently while on the go.

It should also have multiple pockets. Most baby items are tiny and can easily disappear and frustrate you as you try to dig in and trace them. Get a bag that helps you to organize your bag such that everything is within reach. You don’t want to find that bib when the baby already spit on the clothes.

These two pockets are a must have:

i) An insulated pocket – this pocket helps you maintain the desired temperature for the baby’s meals. Your little one requires eating in two to three-hour intervals. You need to keep her food warm for the next feeding.

ii) Elastic or mesh side pockets – these help you to carry wipes or bottles that you need on the go hence need easy access.

7. Easy to clean – with a baby, it’s almost impossible to lack a spill. Most baby foods stain. Especially fruit purees. Choose a material that you can clean easily, and as often as possible.

In conclusion, this diaper bag is tailor-made for you so that you can enjoy parenthood. Get something you love as you may end up using it with all your babies. If you are buying from the store, feel free to test the bag by putting a few items inside and get a second or third opinion.

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