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Your Baby’s Milestones: Every Mother’s Pride

February 22, 2021

It’s been one hilarious fall. We never cease to laugh at the new discoveries baby is having. She’s two years and three months and has totally refused to stop breastfeeding. When I get home from work, she puts my bag down, hugs me tightly and says, ‘sit mom, I want this’, pointing at my chest. She then unbuttons my shirt and starts feeding, all on her own. I haven’t really figured how to stop her. I guess my mind is not yet made, plus my pediatrician advised I could feed till she’s three.

We’ve had our good days and bad days too but her milestones have been quite exciting. Not that all of them fell into the perfect chart but they have been average; like she’s just learning to be diaper free while my dream was to be totally diaper free by two years.

It’s been quite a journey. I was taught to never worry about the chart as long as baby is feeding and sleeping well and because I am kind of care-free, I really don’t worry much. Let me share with you my highlights.

Smiling: On day one, she smiled at me. The nurse told me some children take up to three weeks to smile back. An infant’s smile is so heart-melting. Being able to recognize voices and relating them to a person is even greater. That’s how they know who mommy is and who is a stranger. The baby already knows how you talk and smell at birth so what you need to check is if they notice new faces and places.

My pediatrician says:

At three months, it should concern you if the baby does not recognize you or reacts negatively to unfamiliar places and people. You should also seek help if the baby is not noticing moving objects.

Sitting: The day she turned three months, she sat. I found her struggling to sit and supported her on my lap. She was so happy she started giggling.

Considering we never did a lot of tummy time, I was so elated. She hates discomfort and would cry at even a slight discomfort like sleeping on one side. When your baby learns that they can hold the head high and turn sideways; use the hands to prevent them from falling and to change position; roll over, it’s elating.

My pediatrician says:

It could be anywhere between three and seven months.

Standing: She stood supported at five months, I was expressing milk for her to drink while am at work and she slid down from the couch. She grabbed the cushion and just stood there. My heart almost dropped. It took me a moment to swallow that milestone.

Crawling: My girl started crawling and standing almost at the same time. She had no teeth and it was not a concern though some kids her age already had the first two.

What comes to your mind when your baby stands? Strength. Right? The big deal about standing is balance and the ability to support the rest of the body with her legs.

My pediatrician says:

You shouldn’t worry if this doesn’t happen until twelve months. Actually, some kids don’t crawl at all.

Walking: By now you know what a delight it is to witness their first steps. She seems feeble, but she can connect that she needs to spread her hands for balance, make a single step with one leg followed by another step using the other leg, looking in the same direction and releasing the support object at some point. It takes a lot of effort. That’s why we tell everyone about it.

My pediatrician says:

It should not worry you if the baby is not yet 2 years, some children won’t walk until they have all their teeth.

Talking: this was our next big thing.  I am still amazed at how she expresses herself in speech. While you may think it’s just blubbering, the baby only tries to talk in response to something. Maybe they are excited, bored, wet or hungry, or lonely. They will try to tell you in the best way they know how. They are responding to a need or to a provocation.

My pediatrician says:

It should not worry you if the baby is not yet 4 years, some children are very expressive even without speaking clearly. Keep talking to them, they understand.

Using Potty: Our next big thing is using the potty. I started talking about it since we could converse. She would refuse and use it as one of her toys. Not anymore… we’re there.

Which milestone are you celebrating now? Let us know, so we celebrate with you.

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