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Is It Terrible Two or Terrific Two?

February 22, 2021

She can’t let me finish a task in peace.

If I want to wash dishes, she is right there demanding to help, if I don’t let her, she throws a myriad of tantrums.

She fights a lot too. There can’t be an hour of play without several cries. She makes sure she gets what she wants and laughs like a hero when she does.

I am in several motherhood forums and I can tell you for a fact this is one of the most discussed topics in every single one of them. Recently, a mother posted a photo of her child all covered with nail polish. She had climbed up her dressing table, opened all the bottles she could and applied anything and everything to her whole body. I cannot begin to imagine the mother’s first reaction.

This will happen if it hasn’t happened yet. Some kids start being extremely adventurous even at the age of one. Some are naturally quiet and organised and are not too harmful but between the age of one and three, any mother should expect discovery drama.

This is the most interesting stage of growth. Just be patient, it will end.

The scary falls are now accompanied by scary climbs and squeaks. It’s almost like you have a little monkey in the house. The funny thing is that most kids are unstoppable. It’s like they’ve eaten raw sugar or liters of ice cream. The sugar levels are normally over the roof.

In the kids mind, every little discovery is fun, it’s hilarious and they’ve got to do it. In the mothers mind, almost everything is dangerous. I tell you the truth, you will say STOP!! Until you sigh.

My advice to mothers is, take it easy, and cut yourself some slack. It’s not as bad as it seems; at least not always.

Do not result to cursing and yelling all the time. Restrain yourself from calling your baby names and hitting or pinching them every time drama happens. Keep in mind that this is a learning process for your child.

They are learning courage, they are learning to choose, it’s an experimental stage. Whereas I don’t encourage you to be all care free, don’t be overprotective either. Sometimes your attempt to control them will even result in repeat actions because whatever they are doing is fetching them your attention.

Keep a roving eye to ensure damages and by damages I mean injuries and breakages are minimised. The child who hardly gets attention or feels their emotional needs are not being met, demands more. Mostly, by throwing tantrums; faking pains and falls and injuries. You don’t need to be vexed by such. Though it’s not always interesting, try practising patience on your child.

I read from a certain book that all of us are born with a love tank. That love tank craves to be filled and we express it differently to different people depending on the way we relate to them.

If you are a working mother, this can help. The minute you get home, go with your baby to a separate room; put away all distractions, your phone, laptop, TV… Put them away and spare at least fifteen minutes for your child. You may need more depending on how much they missed you.

Toddlers are amazing creatures. Apart from discovering new stuff, they also do weird, crazy and sometimes very annoying things. The other day, the little one poured her food in the loo. Can you believe that? Who knows what she was thinking.

We were having dinner and feeding her at the same time. Her food was a little different but it was equally yummy but it seems she didn’t share those feelings. She actually walked so quietly I thought she was pooping; she had attempted pooping in a cooking pan earlier.

To my shock, she came back giggling with an empty plate.

How do you tame them?

Well, there’s no particular way but you can try this:-

1.      Give them attention: – it’s what they are looking for.

2.      Join them in their play; building blocks, painting or watching cartoons.

3.      Encourage them to talk, they will blubber all day long but they’ll know you were interested.

4.      Avoid punishing all the time. Applaud more. They are likely to keep doing what gets your attention.

5.      Enjoy the sweet part of the drama. It’s part of life.

I’m sure there are mothers here who are managing this successfully. Others are barely surviving.  How are you doing it? Share with us in the comments

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