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Three Surprising Stress Reduction Techniques for Supermoms

February 4, 2021

Being a mom is hard. While babies and children are a joy when they’re happy and giggling, moms spend a lot of time stressing about the slightest thing. Kids don’t do as they’re told, moms constantly worry about what others will think, and then there is the inferiority complex of being a supermom.

Well, it’s time to destress. While you don’t have time for yoga and there’s no peace in the house for meditation or a long soak, you can still reduce your stress effectively. Here are three surprising techniques for supermoms around the world.

Chew More Gum

The first thing to do is pop more gum. You can do this throughout the day, whether you’re changing diapers or on the school run.

But wait, chewing gum really helps? Yes, it certainly does! Researchers just aren’t 100% certain at why it works so well.

One belief is that the rhythmic act works. You’re constantly doing something that boosts the flow of blood to your brain. That means your brain gets more oxygen, so is able to work effectively.

Most gum is also minty, which offers other benefits. Peppermint tea has long been considered a stress relief, as it helps to open up the passage ways and clear out the mucus. It’s easier to breathe deeply, getting all the oxygen your body needs.

The scent is also a pleasurable smell. This helps to boost the happy hormones in your brain. The more happy hormones you have around your body, the fewer stress hormones you’ll have.

Reduce Tension by Smiling

Smiling is good for the body and soul. It’s certainly beneficial for getting rid of stress. You need to use this to your advantage and that means smiling like you really mean it. Let that smile reach up to your eyes, using all the muscles in your face.

The release of the right chemicals in your brain happens through certain actions and for certain reasons. When your smile reaches your eyes, your brain gets the message that you’re relaxed and happy. This instantly helps to release the happy hormones and prevents the release of more stress hormones. Even if deep down you don’t feel happy, your brain gets that placebo effect.

Researchers have also found that smiling helps to keep the heart rate down. When you’re stressed, your heart beats faster and tells your body to produce adrenaline. By keeping your heart rate to a minimum, the adrenaline doesn’t need to be released.

Use the Nail Polish Trick

Put a dab of nail polish on your cell phone case or your wallet. You only need a dot and just where you are more likely to see it. Whenever you look at it, remember to breathe deeply and let your muscles relax. You’ll be surprised at how often you look at this polish and how much it can work.

Even if you don’t remember to breath, seeing the dot will make you chuckle. That chuckle will help to get more oxygen into your body and relax all the muscles. You’ll send your brain the response that you’re happy, meaning you’ll release the good hormones again.

When putting it on your cell phone case, put the dot where you will see it when you pick the phone up. This reminds you to remain calm on the phone. More confidence means less stress, whatever the call is about!

It’s time to reduce the stress in your life. These simple tips are easy to add into your supermom lifestyle. Start them today and be full to the brim with confidence.

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